A Beautiful Morning

A new morning always bring a new thing in life~ Phases of Sunrise from Travel…when a creature reaches to the sky
The expanded view of sky depicts a sunset at some mountain side near the river(Tiny Creature Thoughts) or the place where ocean meets the sky.God created so vast world but same in every aspect, sky also showing the land picture.

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It is a post published on our pages on instagram and facebook. Its a travel photography of one of the Artrav traveler(Creature).

A beautiful morning which was looking like a sunlight from top of the world through the flight. The overwhelming view drives a craziness of travelling more into the creature, to explore the depths of the ocean and to explore the limits of sky.It was such a beautiful morning depicting by the images the phases before the sunrise(Dawn) which were looking as it was a dusk.

The far across blurred appearance of the cloud was depicting me the mountain and the village near the river or ocean.The lightening of the sun from the downside was looking alike a clear water aside a huge peak range. The view was so profused that it made me remind of the picture shown in The Malgudi Days-By R.K Narayan. It was like a painter imagination created on the canvas of the world.

A sight of such things only makes a person’s day wonderful.Therefore, traveling the world, exploring its every corner is the only passion followed by the Artrav and to help people also to follow that passion though.

Hope you enjoy the post and images!!

Before the sunrise
A far view from a painter point of view with mountain or bushes at the distant and water besides it.
An amplified view.(Different person can have different view)
Another clear view of the picture

View from the window

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