NEW ZEALAND- A Place To Visit

One night surfing the cyberspace for the very first destination of 15 days with Bunny, I asked him for the Beaches but his choice were Mountains and after lot of discussion and with my Emotional Power I made him bow down on his knees before me while deciding for SEYCHELLES. We planned for it but somehow Seychelles is not the place to spend so much time.Again ,one night talking to each other New Zealand strike our mind and it seemed to us a perfect getaway to enjoy our first holidays with self-drive through the World’s Most Beautiful Scenic View country.

Although New Zealand came to our minds by chance but I consider it as my good luck to visit such calm and amazing place in my life and still feels spending 15 days to cover South Island were not sufficient.

Kiwi land is an island country situated in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean.Its mainly divided in two landmasses i.e North Island and South Island.It is in East of Australia across the Tasman Sea with sharp mountain range of the Southern Alps.Wellington being its Capital and Auckland being its most populous city it comprises of around 47.9 lakhs population. It is main tourist attraction worldwide.

So, now the story starts!! We plan to visit here in Summers during the temperature 18 and 28 degree Celsius and worst part of the journey was that we didn’t carried much warm clothes thinking the place as summers. Started from Delhi we reached Sydney,Australia after 12 hrs long journey and with 5 hr layover we boarded for Air New Zealand.Let me tell you Bunny has a very bad habit of sleeping from take off to landing in short flights :p and I complain him about this every time!! Now As we crossed the sea and land area start getting visible to us the beauty of the New Zealand can be estimated from that time only. Imagine yourself being high above the ground and clouds beneath you and you are able to see some snow peaked mountains beneath you with water reservoirs. That view was so jaw-dropping that it made me realize from that moment only that yes we have not chosen the wrong place to travel and our forthcoming days are going to be more than adventurous. Though, they were very Adventurous!!

A mesmerizing view
Another click

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