Last night, after watching a Historical Indian movie my egghead crash with a deliberation. Now don’t ask the name of the movie because it was one of the flops of the year. Still it made me think in a different perspective which was not shown in the movie.Many great directors have tried to show it, but the way I felt last night was never like before.

From time immemorial we all have heard and read about the braveheart ladies who sacrificed a lot and stood as a pillar for their family, but ever we empathized them. We all say time has changed there are no such ladies now-a-days but still there are ladies like Nikita Dhoundiyal, who are ready to join the battle field just after one year of his Martyred Major husband. There are many mothers and sisters who also do the same and all this is just for their Nation. In earlier time also not just Laxmi Bai but ladies like Panna Dai are also there who sacrificed for Nation. Though we don’t take Kaikayi’s (Dashrath’s wife and Ram’s mother) name in good books of history but if we saw from other aspect she was the only queen of king who used to go with him in battle field.Just like her there been many ladies who either went with their husband in war or became a supervisor of family in his absence and many would have been strong also even after seeing their love one die in front of them too.We only know few such heroic personalities but I believe, that past time also and now in present also these cynosures exist between us in each and every home. I don’t think any men in past had guts to Sati as women used to have and even today also many women will not think twice to give their lives for their dear ones.

May be we ladies don’t admit it but I think this is the fact that the power a mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife shares is charismatic. Well it is scientifically proven also that girls are biologically stronger than the boys that’s why chances of female infant mortality after birth is low as compared to male infant. And if ladies themselves are not going to value their capability, how all world will!!

According to me, no matter what we comment on females, no matter how much we disrespect them, no matter how many sacrifices we may ask from them still we can’t be stronger than them. As a female itself I believe that I should respect all the females and same all females in the world should do because if we ourselves do not respect each other how the other gender is going to respect us. No matter my mother and my mother-in-law are homemaker and me myself is a working person I should give them the same respect as I will give to any working female because they had also made some sacrifices in their lives to give us the better present, not like a freedom fighter but yes they had.

This Women’s day we should pledge to value ourselves and all other women’s around us and make them realize their worth in the society.

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