Hello peeps!! Do you ever witnessed word “Gender’ in your lifetime??And what exactly you understand with appellation ‘Gender Inequality’??Well I guess that each person have noted it once in a lifespan. But ever we contemplated on it??

Customarily, it is acknowledged that men and women are not equal and that gender affects an individual’s living experience but is it so.May be it is perceived because in previous times men used to execute all muscular work and women didn’t required to operate on all masculine work to sustain life but, today in modern era due to technological upgradation all these works are also achievable still they are not consider equal.Any endeavor where brain cells have to administer then men and women can conclude similarly.

Its all the matter of masculinity and femininity which we interpret unjustifiably.Masculinity is a set of behavior,attributes or traits associated with boys or men and femininity is quality or attributes associated with girls or women and these both can be attained by male or female irrespective of their biological sex. These distinctions appear to be socially constructed and are grounded in the roots of our society even at work place also.Whether it is male or female they should have their own choices and rights.In a country like India discrimination affects many female lives and even progress to mental health disorders also.

Being a literate person, it should be our responsibility to make our humanity discrimination free and instead of assigning pink color for girls and blue for boys let assign yellow color for both because both the sexes have immense potential in them.

Lets reduce gender inequality this Zero Discrimination Day.

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