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Hello peeps!! Do you ever witnessed word "Gender' in your lifetime??And what exactly you understand with appellation 'Gender Inequality'??Well I guess that each person have noted it once in a lifespan. But ever we contemplated on it?? Customarily, it is acknowledged that men and women are not equal and that gender affects an individual's living … Continue reading Wo=Men

A Refreshing Restart for Artrav with BEE and BUNNY

Hello,From few weeks Artrav team is not on the ground to publish its post due to some internal changes and the confusion in how to reach kins effectively by conveying our thoughts. Therefore,here we are revealing something about us that is our identity as BEE and BUNNY, a travel couple who loves to travel different … Continue reading A Refreshing Restart for Artrav with BEE and BUNNY

Akshardham-One of the Beautiful Architecture

India is a land of divine beauty and this beauty is somehow contributed my various monumental structures present here which makes it a famous destination for tourists. India is ahead to register 35 UNESCO sites in the country. And these ancient structures take us peep to great history of Indian culture and it's past rulers … Continue reading Akshardham-One of the Beautiful Architecture

Delhi-An overview to its historical places

Delhi!! Generally whenever we listen the name of this place, capital city of India or one of the union territory of India comes to our mind.  But the most famous thing we can listen about Delhi is “Dill Waalon Ki Delhi”(Delhi's People with  Big Hearts). Today Delhi and Delhi-NCR(combination of eight cities around Delhi) consists … Continue reading Delhi-An overview to its historical places